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because you are looking for a gentle, safe, effective and sustainable form of healthcare, which supports your body’s amazing capacity to heal itself. You may be at a place where you have struggled for a long time with your health, feel like you have tried everything and feel like you have no other options. Or you may be simply curious about Naturopathic Medicine and seeking more guidance. You may be looking for a new primary care doctor or a wellness centre with a collaborative individualized approach.You are here because you are ready to take a proactive change towards your health. your body was made to work perfectly. You can encourage the process, using the fundamental principles of Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture and Integrated Primary Care. With commitment and patience, you CAN have an abundance of energy, a sense of well-being, and empowerment in your healthcare. Our role at Thyme Integrative Health is to honor the wisdom of the body and use a wide array of therapies to support you in the healing process. This means using a Targeted Therapeutic Approach to remove obstacles impacting your health, to provide guidance, and to engage you, so you can make the most informed choices about your healthcare.

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