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Naturopath Pacifica CA Ashton Perroni
Medical Director & Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Ashton Perroni, N.D.

Dr. Ashton Perroni is the owner, medical director, and primary Naturopathic Doctor at Thyme. She is a Board Licensed Naturopathic Doctor and graduate from Bastyr University California. Dr. Perroni knew since she was a child that she wanted to be a doctor but discovered during college that she didn’t agree with the typical paradigm of western medicine.

In her search for something that resonated more with her values and ideals she discovered Naturopathic medicine, immediately switched paths, and never turned back.

She wholeheartedly believes in the integration of mind, body, and spirit with the goal of stimulating each individual’s ability to bring the whole back into harmony. She is passionate about educating women on how to take an active role in their journey to health and making sure that each patient is fully informed on all of their options in terms of treatment and management of their condition. Dr. Perroni specializes in hormonal imbalances for both men and women, including but not limited to thyroid disorders; hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s and Grave’s, low testosterone, irregular menstrual cycles, PMS, PCOS, menopause, and fertility. She also works with patients on stress management, insomnia, headaches/ migraines, all varieties of digestive disorders and food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, joint pain, and musculoskeletal trauma.

Dr. Perroni is trained in several naturopathic modalities and spends quality time with each patient to educate and tailor treatment plans to individual needs. She strongly believes in the naturopathic principles of always starting with the least invasive treatment options by removing obstacles to cure and utilizing the healing power of nature using herbs, supplements, food as medicine, and lifestyle modifications. However, she also utilizes craniosacral therapy, IV therapy, prolotherapy, and platelet-rich plasma for the face and joints to help jumpstart the immune system and healing processes when necessary.

She lives in San Francisco with her new husband but is very excited to be commuting to Pacifica to get closer to the ocean and serve a smaller, more quaint community.

Credentials, Affiliations, and Memberships

  • State Board Licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND)
  • Certified Craniosacral Therapist for physical and emotional ailments
  • Certified in IV therapy
  • Certified in Prolotherapy
  • Certified in PRP (platelet-rich plasma) facials, face injections, and joint injections
  • Certified Fertility Specialist via The Perfect Fertility Course
  • CNDA (California Association of Naturopathic Doctors)
  • AANP (American Association of Naturopathic Physicians)
Naturopath Pacifica CA Sarah Rothman
Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist

Dr. Sarah Rothman, N.D., L.Ac, FABORM

Dr. Sarah Anne Rothman is a Board Licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Board Licensed Acupuncturist. Dr. Sarah is dedicated to guiding you on your path to optimal health and wellness. She is passionate about integrating Western and Eastern Medicine. She holds a strong interest in Women’s Health and focuses on gently guiding people to live as healthily and happily as their potential.

Her focus is on endocrine health (hormonal balance, fertility, menopause, PCOS, thyroid health, graceful aging, and healthy menstrual cycles), though she emphasizes working with the whole complex and unique person. She loves working with women around fertility, throughout pregnancy and during the postnatal period with both Acupuncture and Naturopathic Medicine. She is a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) a group of internationally recognized Acupuncturists, and other Integrative Doctors in the field. Another area of focus is Thyroid Health, including Hashimotos, Inflammatory Thyroiditis, and Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid imbalances. She is a certified WTS Doctor (AARM) and will work with you to optimize body temperature and thyroid function through nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and various forms of thyroid hormone medication as needed. As well, she works with a wide array of digestive troubles, autoimmune processes, food and environmental sensitivities, insomnia, cardiovascular and metabolic disease, skin disturbances, and emotional balance to optimize the health of the body, mind, spirit.

She values an integrative approach to health, through preventative medicine, mindfulness, and individualized treatment. She believes it is her duty to spend adequate time with each patient and to listen, educate, and tailor each visit according to your needs, encouraging you to take an active role in your health. She is happy to work with your other health care practitioners and specialists to provide you with the most well rounded, sustainable care. She believes strongly in the power of food as medicine, the healing potential of herbs and nutrients, and the importance of mindfulness, spirit, and breath in health.

When she first moved to the Bay Area she founded Thyme Integrative Health Clinic as Coastside’s first Naturopathic Doctor and has loved serving the Coastside and Bay Area community since. She has recently passed the torch to Dr. Ashton Perroni who is now the Owner and Medical Director at Thyme Integrative Health.

Her clinical background includes extensive training in Women’s Health, Fertility, Thyroid Health, and Pediatrics. She has also spent time doing some clinical work abroad in countries such as Bolivia where she trained in pediatric clinics and hospitals, and Kenya where she worked with patients and physicians in rural natural health and homeopathic clinics. Before her Naturopathic career, Dr. Sarah taught spinning classes to a wide array of fitness levels from beginner to athlete. She believes that how we chose to nourish and move our bodies is integral to overall health. She is forever curious and passionate about expanding her learning, knowledge, and experience in the processes behind healing and wellness.

Credentials, Affiliations, and Memberships

  • State Board Licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND)
  • State Board Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac)
  • Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM)
  • Certified WTS Doctor (AARM)
  • Certified Medical Qi Gong Practitioner (Certification from Suzanne Friedman)
  • Healing Breathwork Facilitator (Certification from Davit Elliott) CNDA
  • (California Association of Naturopathic Doctors)
  • AANP (American Association of Naturopathic Physicians)
  • EndoANP (Endocrinology Association of Naturopathic Physicians)
  • AARM (Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine)
  • Can Fit Pro (Certified FIS, PTS, Schwinn Cycling Instructor)
Naturopath Pacifica CA Christine Chang
Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, & Chinese Herbalist

Dr. Christine Chang, N.D., L.Ac, FABORM

Dr. Christine Chang is a Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Chinese Herbalist. She is also a fellow of the American Board of Reproductive Medicine (ABORM), an accredited group of International Fertility and Reproductive Specialists ( She was born and raised in the northern part of Taiwan.

While growing up, she saw how balanced nutrition and active lifestyles helped people to stay healthy. From a young age, she knew she wanted to help people to live healthily and have a better quality of life.

In practice, she holds a strong interest in Women’s Health including menstrual cycle regulation, hormone balance, PMS, fertility and pregnancy support and menopause. As an ABORM Fellow, she is certified as a fertility specialist and has done extra training and research in the field of Integrative Reproductive Medicine. As well, with modalities like Acupuncture, Cupping and Chinese herbs, she has had a lot of success in helping patients with insomnia, smoking cessation, musculoskeletal pain, sports injuries, digestive health, hormonal and mood imbalances.

Dr, Christine is also certified in Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture and offers this service at Thyme. Facial acupuncture is a natural and effective way to obtain a healthy and youthful appearance. It works by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen fibers as well as improving the micro-circulation in the skin to bring out healthy and even skin tones. Facial acupuncture can also improve acne, rosacea and age spots and other skin conditions. Each facial acupuncture session takes about 90 minutes with specialized micro needles made for this specific therapy. Some of the benefits of facial acupuncture may include a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles (though we love seeing where your smiles have been), puffiness around the eyes or other areas of the face, and a little facial acupuncture glow.

Dr. Christine is committed to empowering her patients to understand their bodies and to make appropriate decisions for their health through nutrition, health habits, and emotional support. She firmly believes that health is built on the connection between mental, physical and emotional balance, in another words, the whole person. She works closely with each patient by evaluating these three aspects when identifying the underlying causes of illness. She highly values the innate healing within all of uher patients and she strives to provide them with the best care to meet their needs in conjunction with the Naturopathic Philosophies.

Naturopath Pacifica CA Jan Axelrad
acupuncturist & Chinese herbalist

Jana Axelrad, L.Ac

Jana Axelrad is a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese medicinal herbalist in California for over 15 years. Jana received her Masters's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Oakland, CA in 2004 and also trained at Zhejiang Medical University in Hangzhou, China. Jana has a solid background in Western medicine having previously worked at UCSF in the Radiology Department.

Jana has a very strong interest in the integration of medicines for optimal wellbeing. It is truly Jana’s passion to help people feel good and thrive!

Jana was born and raised in Miami Beach, FL. She was born with very severe food allergies and developed terrible seasonal allergies when she moved to San Francisco in 1998. Although Jana was admittedly terrified of needles, a friend suggested that she try acupuncture and herbs for her allergies, she was shocked and very pleased that it worked! It worked so well that Jana quit her job at UCSF to study Chinese Medicine in 2001 to figure out how Chinese Medicine worked.

For the last 15 years, Jana has maintained a private practice in SF and Pacifica treating a very wide range of symptoms and health problems. Jana has specialized in treating women’s health issues including irregular menses, PMS, yeast infections, urinary tract infections, cramping, infertility, pregnancy support, labor preparation, postpartum support, perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms as well. Jana absolutely loves working with pregnant women and helping them have the smoothest pregnancy and delivery possible. Jana has attended quite a few home births, as well as hospital births, providing support using acupuncture.

Jana has also specialized in preparing people prior to major surgeries and helping them recover post-surgery. Some examples of surgeries Jana has helped her clients with include liver transplant, hip replacements, knee replacements, shoulder surgeries, wrist surgery, cervical and lumbar fusion, ACL and MCL repairs, and bunion surgeries. There are fantastic herbs to help people recover from surgery and ensure there is no scar tissue formation.

Another one of Jana’s specialties is supporting her patients’ immune systems. There are very powerful herbs and acupuncture points to help the body’s immune system stay strong for those who have weaker immune systems or autoimmune diseases or for those who are concerned about exposure to contagious illnesses.

Jana has also had much success in treating many patients with severe digestive disturbances including colitis, IBS/IBD, GERD, celiac disease, bowel removal surgeries, and colon cancer. Jana has been on a gluten-free diet for 15 years now and understands how important it is that we eat the right foods for our body.

Additionally, Jana has successfully treated many different types of skin issues including acne, cystic acne, hives, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis, and shingles.

During treatment with Jana, you can expect that she will be listening to all of the details of your health history and will take the time to explain what the tongue and pulse are saying, what the Chinese medical diagnosis is and why we choose the points we use. Jana loves to educate her patients about Chinese medicine and all that it has to offer. It is one of Jana’s greatest joys to see her patients feel fabulous!

For the last 20 years, Jana has lived in Ocean Beach in San Francisco and truly loves being so close to the serenity of the Pacific coast. Jana lives with her husband and maltipoo and they love cooking and eating homemade (gluten-free) food!


  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology, minor in Education from the University of
  • Florida, 1997
  • Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Academy of Chinese Culture and health sciences, 2004
  • Reiki Master training 2005
  • Zhejiang Medical University training Hangzhou, China 2008
Chronic Pain Pacifica CA Lillie Luu Nguyen
Integrative Nutritionist

Lillie Luu Nguyen, MS, CNS, LDN

Lillie is a board certified and licensed nutrition specialist based in Pacifica and the San Francisco/Bay Area and offers in person and virtual nutrition counseling, in addition to food-as-medicine workshops. Her specialty interests are in inflammation, digestive health, auto-immune diseases, and hormone imbalances, but welcomes everyone!

Born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, CA, she originally studied biology at UCLA as a pre-med student. Over time as she volunteered, shadowed, and conducted research alongside a handful of physicians and scientists, she found that conventional and complementary actually worked better together to create profound and lasting effects on a person's overall well-being. Thus began her path towards preventative medicine. Lillie went on to obtain her master's degree in nutrition at MUIH and is currently a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition candidate.

She is a strong proponent of using evidence-based research with clinical experience and practices functional nutrition using a holistic approach. This involves looking at a person as a whole, and taking many aspects of their life (sleep, relationships, stress) into consideration in order to understand, prevent, and manage the root cause of their health imbalances.

Lillie is passionate about helping people use food to promote healing and to maximize their health so that they can look and feel their best every day. She believes it is possible to eat happily and healthily, and this can be done by cultivating the joy back into eating. She would love to support you wherever you are in your health journey by working with you every step of the way to create a sustainable and personalized care plan that incorporates real food, exercise, and positive lifestyle changes!

In her free time, she can be found sipping on matcha green tea, going on food adventures, strolling through natural history museums and gardens, running along Ocean Beach (or up & down every grocery aisle at Berkeley Bowl), playing board games, and making arts & crafts like origami, embroidery, painting watercolor, and doodling. She loves learning about marine biology and practicing the piano, new languages, and martial arts.


  • Board Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)
  • Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (LDN) by Maryland Board of Dietetic Practice
  • Doctor of Clinical Nutrition candidate, Maryland University of Integrative Health
  • Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Medicine from Maryland University of Integrative Health
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of California, Los Angeles
  • ServSafe Certified
  • Member of the American Nutrition Association
Chronic Pain Pacifica CA Darlene Estrada
birth & postpartum doula, massage therapist, womb & wellness facilitator, placenta encapsulation specialist, registered yoga teacher, herbalist in training & a modern day healer

Darlene Estrada, LMT, Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, RYS

Darlene is a birth & postpartum doula, massage therapist, womb & wellness facilitator, placenta encapsulation specialist, registered yoga teacher, herbalist in training & a modern-day healer based in Pacifica & proudly serving the Bay Area.

Darlene has a thriving interest for helping people reach their health & healing goals using a holistic & energetic approach to her work, she fully attends each clients needs, beautifully interweaving clear presence with practiced skill. Weather you desire a deeply indulgent massage or work on long term injuries and trauma, to pre natal or postnatal treatments, she is able to meet you where you are on your journey.

Her specialty interest are in Mayan & Aztec womb massage, postpartum belly binding (bengkung or cast), cerada de caderas with rebozo (closing of the hips with traditional rebozo), placenta encapsulation with herbs & labor inducing massage.

In her free time she can be found surfing, out in nature with her partner & 3 dogs, leading sound baths, playing the didgeridoo, harmonium or any healing instrument, strolling farmers markets, cooking & traveling the globe.


  • LMT
  • Birth Doula
  • Postpartum Doula
  • Placenta encapsulation specialist
  • RYS
Naturopath Pacifica CA Lorraine Page
Primary Care Physician

Dr. Lorraine Page, M.D.

A well-loved Physician throughout Half Moon Bay & Pacifica for over 20 years, Dr. Lorraine Page received her MD from USF (University of South Florida) Health with a specialty in Family Practice. Trained as an Integrative Medical Doctor with additional experience in holistic medicine, Dr. Page brings a long history of coastside family medical care to the practice and we are honored to have her join our team.

In addition to her home visit based practice, she offers Primary Care visits through Thyme Integrative Health.


  • Patients’ Choice 5th Anniversary Award (2012)
  • Patients’ Choice Award (2008-2012)
  • Compassionate Doctor Recognition (2013)

Hospital Affiliations

  • Stanford University Hospital Clinics
  • Seton Medical Center
  • Mills-Peninsula Health Services

To schedule an appointment please contact Dr. Page directly at 650-743-7395 or

Naturopath Pacifica CA Catherine Lamme
Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Trauma Specialist

Catherine Lamme, LCSW

I am passionate about helping adults, especially women, find their healing from trauma and the subsequent survival strategies or coping skills that are not serving their overall wellbeing and vitality. I am passionate about healing the relationship with a client's body and to utilize it as a vital part of the healing journey. I am inspired and honored to work with adults who are motivated to heal and release the negative internal stories that have dictated their behavior in order to create their own life worth living.

I have a variety of training in trauma specific modalities including EMDR, somatic based approaches, CBT, parts work, and overall integration of body work. I am aware that a variety of individualized approaches is vital to the overall success of the therapeutic relationship.

I would be honored to be a part of your healing journey. It is an incredibly courageous and rebellious act to allow for the potential of change, growth and overall vitality into your life. It is not a small thing and you are worthy of the life that you are wanting. I hope you will reach out and we can walk this journey together.

I offer sessions via telehealth over a secure HIPPA compliant platform with a client portal access. Please contact me directly via email: or via confidential phone at 760-456-5586.

Naturopath Pacifica CA Andrea Miller
Clinical Psychologist

Andrea Miller, PsyD

Dr. Andrea Miller is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been involved in community mental health, college counseling, and private practice since 2003. A graduate of the California School of Professional Psychology (now Alliant University), she provides psychotherapy to adults who want to create a more vital and joyous life for themselves.

Maybe you’ve dedicated many years to meeting the needs of your family, your children, or your career. Perhaps you feel like no matter what you do, it’s never enough, and you’ve become burned out, frustrated, maybe even numb. You might be coping with a major life transition such as a divorce, job change, or a newly empty nest. Suddenly, you hear a wakeup call: Who am I now, and what do I need to be happy?

As a licensed psychologist with more than 20 years in practice, I help adults understand themselves more deeply, cope positively with life transitions, grieve losses, and realign with their values and desires – the keys to creating an authentic, sustainable and exciting path forward in their lives. Clients describe feeling more vital and joyous through our work together. They experience not only an increased sense of vitality, but also a revival in their personal relationships, their work life, and their true sense of self. Together, we collaborate on enriching their health in mind, body, and spirit.

Therapy doesn’t have to feel scary and hard. It can feel like a relief and a release, like fresh air after you’ve been holding your breath. I’ve helped countless people emerge from anxiety, trauma, depression, low self-esteem, and burnout with a client-centered, relationally-oriented, neurologically and trauma informed, and multicultural approach to psychotherapy. I typically meet with clients weekly to create a sense of consistent support, and I often integrate meditation, mindfulness, and the tools of CBT and ACT to guide clients in making powerful, life-affirming changes.

If you are ready to move toward a deeper and more vital connection to yourself and your desires and a more joyous life experience, contact me for a free 15-minute consultation. I am available for in-person and virtual sessions.

Andrea Miller, PsyD
CA PSY 19458

Naturopath Pacifica CA Jasmine Dunckel
Marriage and Family Therapist

Jasmine Dunckel, MFT

Jasmine Dunckel is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been working with youth and families in San Mateo County since 2009. After graduating from Holy Names University in Oakland, she worked with incarcerated youths and their families, special education students with mental health needs, and families who were raising their non-biological children.

Jasmine continues to work with adults and teens and has a special interest in issues concerning new motherhood and parenting.

Jasmine’s treatment modality has been evolving as she has continued to practice therapy however exploration around emotional experience and expression, maladaptive thought patterns, automatic reactions, exploring expectations as well as the decision making process is descriptive of the work she does with her clients. Jasmine hopes to support individuals and families in becoming effective communicators, who are emotionally aware and can cope positively with the struggles of life and relationships. She aims to instill confidence within each person with whom she works. Jasmine is a warm, compassionate practitioner who values the wisdom each client brings to the session. Jasmine also does a lot of work with women and families during pregnancy and postpartum and holds a postpartum support group on Mondays at Thyme.

In addition to the office setting, Jasmine also meets with new mothers in their home to provide emotional support. When Jasmine is out of the office, you may see her running with her dog or enjoying the beach with her family.

To schedule an appointment please contact Jasmine directly at 650-892-5341 or

Naturopath Pacifica CA Michael Badolato
Marriage and Family Therapist

Michael Badolato, MFT

Michael Badolato is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist providing counseling to individuals, couples, and families. A graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies, his heart-centered approach gently and effectively helps individuals release themselves from limiting conditioning and the unconscious beliefs that can undermine their natural desire to live authentically and with purpose.

Using his deeply compassionate and mindfulness-based presence, Michael seeks to assist individuals to rediscover the light of their own being, however, clouded-over it may feel. Working non-judgmentally he helps individuals reconnect to the source of their true creativity, freedom, and joy. As the program director of Broderick Street Residential Treatment Facility for the last 10 years, Michael has extensive experience working with major mental and medical illnesses and chronic pain. In his private practice, he particularly enjoys working with the spiritual foundations of psychological issues.

To schedule an appointment please contact Michael directly at 415-820-3912 or

Naturopath Pacifica CA Jan Weber
Psychiatrist and Integrative Medicine

Dr. Jan Weber, M.D.

Dr. Jan Weber is board certified in Psychiatry and Integrative Medicine. He had an interest in integrative medicine even prior to starting medical school. He has always looked for healing on a deeper level (versus just symptomatic treatment of illness) and has explored different dimensions of healing (such as the physical in medicine and the energetic in homeopathy and hands-on healing).

His interest in understanding people better led him to choose psychiatry as a medical specialty and his desire to understand development better lead to him into going into Child Psychiatry.

After going to medical school in Germany (Hannover Medical School) he did his Adult Psychiatry Residency training at the Karl Menninger School of Psychiatry and Baylor College of Medicine, and then his Child Psychiatry Fellowship at Stanford. He spent 6 months during medical school in India studying Homeopathy as the first-ever “official” visiting student of Bombay University. He has also spent two years in the “Professional Studies Program” at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Miami. Throughout his psychiatric training, he studied different types of psychotherapy, such as individual, couples, family, group, psychodynamic, CBT, and EMDR. Over the last decade, he served as the Psychiatric Medical Director for the County of Santa Cruz and prior to that as Chief, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Vice-Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry in Santa Clara County.

He loves working with kids and their families as well as highly motivated young adults. In his practice, he tries to integrate nutritional interventions and nutritional supplements, if desired. He sees healing as an ongoing learning process and his role as a physician to assist a client in this process in a collaborative way. In his free time, he loves to sail and to travel.

Please contact Dr. Weber to set up an appointment with him at Thyme Health: (650) 482-8232

Chiropractic Pacifica CA Laurie

Dr. Laurie Goren, Psy.D

Dr. Laurie Goren is a licensed psychologist who has been involved in community mental health since 2005 and has been in private practice in Marin and San Mateo counties since 2012. She earned her doctorate at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) and has developed an expertise in Anxiety and Trauma.

Dr. Goren gained broad clinical experience at the Psychological Services Center (CIIS) in San Francisco, at Marin Health & Human Services in Point Reyes Station, and at the Community Center for Health & Wellness (ITP/Sofia University) in Palo Alto.

She describes her work as follows: "My clients come for help in addressing discomfort or difficulty related to a broad range of issues, such as academic or professional performance, life transitions, relationships, and post-traumatic stress. I provide a warm, creative atmosphere that fosters curiosity in a collaborative process of exploration and growth. Together, my clients and I take a holistic approach to improving the health of their mind, body, and spirit within the spheres of family, community, and culture. We develop a dynamic individualized plan for exploring patterns of belief, thought, and behavior and for encouraging change towards healthier relationships with themselves and others."

"Generally, I take a multi-modal, neurologically-informed, and humanistic approach to psychotherapy. For symptom relief, however, I may employ focused intervention from cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization, and Reprogramming Therapy (EMDR), mindfulness, or somatic psychotherapist."

Besides her love of Psychology, Dr. Goren is an avid music lover and nature enthusiast.

Dr. Laurie Goren
Psychologist (CA License #PSY28327)
More Information

Chronic Pain Pacifica CA Inna Kuchmenko
Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT 120631)

Inna Kuchmenko, MA

she/her/hers; supervised by Dr. Laurie Goren, Psy.D (PSY28327)
Carl Jung said: "It is what you are that heals, not what you know". The journey of self-discovery is exactly that - getting to know and deeply appreciating your true and authentic self, even when that essence may be covered by trauma, hardship and suffering. It is this uncovering that many who experience psychotherapy to be transformative and healing refer to as a "re-birth", a coming home to and an unfolding of who you truly are.

Engaging in the process of self-inquiry can be a rewarding and even a life-changing experience, especially in the presence of an empathic and compassionate other.

Whatever brings you to therapy -- be that a painful breakup, a recent loss of a parent, a birth of a baby, a decision to marry or leave a partner, a difficulty connecting with your teen, worry and anxiety about your health, or difficulty in your intimate relationship - I am here to help you make sense of it, deliberately, with much self-love and compassion.

My clinical approach to psychotherapy is an eclectic mix of Humanistic/Existential, Solutions-Focused, Psychodynamic/Relational, Emotionally Focused, Family Systems, Cognitive-Behavioral theories and many more. I invite folks of all backgrounds and life experiences to reach out to schedule a complimentary 30-minute video or phone consultation.

Please contact Inna to set up an appointment with her at Thyme Health.

Cell: 650.762.5726
Office: 650.557.1250

Naturopath Pacifica CA Jackie
office assistant

Jackie James

Jackie is one of our wonderful office assistants and we are so lucky to have her as part of our team. She is the backbone of the clinic and does so much to help keep things running behind the scenes. She will always greet you with a smile, offer you some warm tea, answer any questions you may have, oversee the scheduling, herb and supplement orders and so much more.

We are so deeply grateful for all her hard work, creativity, passion, incredible organizational skills, great company and all that she is, does and brings to Thyme.


9:30am - 5:00pm

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